Summer internship project on iifl

Farooqui ————————————————- Roll No.


Parajia already holds a 2. Over a period of time, we have emerged as one of the leading business and financial information services provider in India.

This enables him to receive the cash corporate benefits such as dividends, interests directly into his account in time and discourages any unauthorized use by any second party.

Farooqui ————————————————- Roll No. The Relationship managers focus only to the high margin money customer because from them they will get high brokerage that should not be happened from the less margin money customer.

Summer Internship Project on Iifl

Extraordinary items Net of tax We are a pan-India financial services organization across 1, business locations and a presence in cities.

Change in the address of investor as provided to the DP Any change in your address should be immediately informed to DP. These calls are flashed on their terminals during market hours. Their analysts take view on the Nifty and select stocks based on the derivatives data and technical tools.

It analyzes their strengths and weaknesses and ascertains their future outlook. All the three ISPs and our Goregaon office are equipped with latest servers and uninterruptible power supply systems.

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India Infoline provides training to the sub-brokers because they will be viewed as the company by the investors. Finally we would like to thank all those who were directly and indirectly concerned in making my project successful.

What also tilts the scales against the candidates is not demonstrating enough effort, staying reserved or confining themselves to a particular team. Thus, it is advisable to have a Beneficiary Owner BO account to trade at the exchanges.

Interest accrual on holdings Interest income is subject to the applicable rate of interest No interest accruals on securities held in demat account 7. Many characters play a vital role.

It offers a comprehensive market overview and likely trends in the week ahead.

Summer Internship Project on Iifl

Balance brought forward from previous year After submitting the power of attorney to the DP, that person can operate the account on behalf of the beneficiary owner BO. The final view is arrived at after thorough interaction with industry experts. Mn Lists Gross Income Opening a De-mat Account To start dealing in securities in electronic form, one needs to open a De-mat account with a DP of his choice.

No stamp duty charges. It is from him that we learnt the nuance of the day-to-day affairs. It can help to acquire more customers, if the firms bring plans for no boundation of margin money.

We recognize that technology is an important tool for broking operations. Contact Supplier internship reports on dg cement. Get all the articles, experts, jobs, and insights you need. The campaign can be weakly, monthly, yearly, it will give a good result to the company to capture market in the competitive position.

Summer Internship Project on Iifl

Home popularly known as Birla Corp is an Indian company based in Kolkata. Most of the customers are trading offline. This enables DP to make necessary changes in the records and informing the concerned companies about the same.

Provide their customer software Trade Terminal for trading by free of cost and unlimited number of scripts. India Infoline uses one level marketing channel for investment product distribution. The Relationship managers focus only to the high margin money customer because from them they will get high brokerage that should not be happened from the less margin money customer.

Risks like forgery, thefts, bad delivery, delays in transfer etc, associated with physical certificates, are eliminated. Minimum balance of securities required in De-mat account There is no stipulated minimum balance of securities to be kept in a De-mat account.

Summer Internship Project on Iifl. October 24, We also received the FII license in IIFL Inc. IIFL Securities Pte Ltd received approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to carry out corporate advisory and dealing in securities operations.

Two subsidiaries – India Infoline Investment Services and Moneyline Credit Limited. I MUBASSIR H. FAROOQUI (P) solemnly declare that the project work entitled “Study of Consumer Perception Regarding Opening of De-Mat Account Through India Infoline Ltd.

in Mumbai”, is my original work, it is neither copied from any earlier submitted work else where or not merely copied, this is specifically prepared as a part of PGDM curriculum, to be conducted in Year Mace Project and Cost Mgmt Copia Project Pvt Ltd MSquare Engineering Pvt Ltd Balajee Infratech.

Manjeera Housing IIFL. MBA students across streams are quite excited and prepared for placements. “The sheer fact that I had worked in the same organization during my internship and performed well there, successfully finishing 13.

A PROJECT REPORT ON INDIA INFOLINE. Download. Trading Brokerage Charges Sharekhan India Infoline (IIFL) Equity Delivery % % Brokerage Equity Intraday % % Brokerage Equity Futures % % Brokerage Equity Options Rs.

/- per lot or % on 1% of Premium or Rs per Brokerage premium (which ever is lot whichever is. Summer Internship in Lic Words | 37 Pages. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project work done on Consumer’s attitude towards Investment is a bonafide work carried out by Mr.

Sandeep Singh Bhati under my supervision and guidance. Apply for this part time internship now. Find other internships in India in on Intern Theory. We are organizing global certifications workshops like Project Management, IT Service Management Online Summer Internship Fair.

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Please note that internships posted for the Summer Internship Fair will go live on 15th of March. So please log.

Summer internship project on iifl
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